Recently, the guys over at Pardon My Take (PMT) had an interesting debate: which coaches could kick everyone else’s butt in the NFL? It’s no surprise that Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott was brought up in that conversation. He can usually be found on the sidelines with a serious expression on his face, arms folded, looking pretty jacked.

McDermott joined the cast of PMT this week to have a laugh and discuss this very thing. After being told that he was drafted third behind Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell and Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel, McDermott was asked if, because of his collegiate wrestling experience, he could kick Campbell’s butt.

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“Umm, yes,” McDermott joked after pondering the question for a moment. “And Vrabel also, throw Vrabel in there. At the same time!”

He also spoke a bit about wrestling after Big Cat stated, “A good policy in life is don’t mess with anyone who wrestles at any level because you guys are just all psychos.” McDermott responded by saying that the wrestling community doesn’t look at themselves as crazy guys but outsiders see them as people who “march to the beat of their own drum.” “Maybe that’s true,” he thought out loud.

The interview was light-hearted and funny and it’s rare to see Sean McDermott smiling so much. Check out the full clip below.

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