Vertical Jump – How to Increase Your Leaping Ability

In almost all sports, it is important to have a high leaping ability. Whether you’re trying to dunk a basketball, become a better volleyball player, or really play any sport, you need to be able to jump higher. There is a way to increase you’re vertical jump through simple training. There are plenty of training programs for increasing your leaping ability. Here’s what you need to know about increasing your vertical.

When you’re trying to increase your vertical jump, it’s all about making your legs stronger. this can be done with many different exercises. The most common exercises for increasing vertical leaping ability include squats, leg press, sprinting, calf raises, jump rope, and much more.

What these do is increase leg power, making you increase your vertical leaping abilities. It makes sense if you just think about it. The stronger your legs, the more force you can exert on the ground when jumping. The more force you release onto the ground, the higher you jump. People have been doing these simple exercises, and it’s proven to be successful.

Another exercise I’ve seen people use to increase leaping ability is by doing lunges. I’m a big sports fan, and there’s been numerous times where I’ve seen NFL receivers say that they did lunges to increase their vertical jump. If it works for professional athletes, it can work for you to. You just have to stick to it because you’re not going to increase your vertical by 10 inches in a couple days. Just stick to it and you will see results, guaranteed.

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