In the NFL, youth isn’t wasted on the young. Professional football is a young man’s game (unless you’re Tom Brady). In fact, every single franchise’s average age is 27 or younger, per Spotrac.

The days of loading up on veterans in an attempt for quick turnarounds or holding on to certain names well past their prime are long gone. Current rosters are often built around a few key veterans while collecting the bulk of the roster in their prime years, with young players serving as a crucial component to the salary cap because of their relatively cheap rookie deals.

Brady and Andrew Whitworth are anomalies. They skew the numbers away from the majority of NFL rosters.

Otherwise, every front office wants to build around a marquee talent entering his prime years. These individuals have yet to reach 25 years old and already showed promising signs with early production coupled with extensive growth potential.

These are the youth gone wild as the NFL never appeared too big for them.

By rajib